About Us

Why Visit Us

Feeling healthy and whole should be our birthright....reclaim yours!

The Parramatta Massage and Healing Centre has been created with you in mind. The centre operates within the WHOLISTIC WELLNESS MODEL- because of this Leanne has assembled a team of professional therapists each offering different modalities and techniques. Quite frankly every individual has their own challenges and will respond in different ways to treatment protocols, or simply put  "different things work for different people".

It does not matter if you are looking for a stand alone treatment, a one off relaxing massage or to work on an established health challenge. What is important is that you can come in and feel confident that you will be listened to and given every assistance within the therapeutic scope of practice available to improve your health outcomes.

The six most common reasons clients visit us:

1. You have been in pain so long you dont recognise it anymore you just feel achy, bloated, heavy, unhappy, tired or depressed.

2. You are sick and tired of feeling SICK and TIRED....

3. You wish those aches and pains would "just go away"!

4. You wake up and have to drag yourself out of bed every morning.

5 You can't remember the last time you had some ME time.

6.The medicine doesn't seem to help, tired stressed muscles need massage NOT drugs!

If you identify with any of the points above call us today!  02 96356792