To complement and support your treatment we have a select range of products available these include:

Fisiocrem-A natural solution for muscle and joint pain containing arnica,hypernicum, calendula and melaleuca. Safe when pregnant and breast feeding and for children avoid eyes and sensative areas though.

Ancient Minerals Magnesiun Gel- 29% magnesium chloride in aloe gel great for muscle aches, pains and cramps. Just rub it on.

Zen - has the healing properties of 7 time proven herbs plus arnica and Japanese mint this blend penetrates quickly to relieve pain, nourishing underlying tissues.

Heat Bags Plus- heat packs with Australian Lupin Seed  lighter than wheat and longer lasting. Available in a selection of sizes and shapes the neck collar is a favourite.

Orgone energy Products-  produced in Australia exported to the world products to protect you and your environment from electromagnetic radiation and dirty electricity from mobile phones, laptops, wi-fi, digital screens etc

Australian Bush Flower Essences- Vibrational essences from the earth see article under energy and healing.

Young Living Theurapeutic Grade Essential Oils- quality oils produces to a standard not a price tag. Distilled under low pressure, low heat conditions allowing the plant material time to gently give up every component making the oils complete. 

Organic Rosehip Skincare and Lipstick- Nancy Evans has been developing and researching these these products in Australia for over 10 years now, high quality oranganic products with none of the nasties.

Practitioner only herbs and supplements including Metagenics and Bioceuticals available after appropriate consultation.