Hands on Therapies

Energetic Lymph Therapy

Energetic Lymph Therapy combines featherlight touch with the healing energy of a clear quartz tool in rhythmic sequence around the body. This gentle healing technique stimulates and balances the subtle body and the physiological systems such as the lymphatic and neurovascular.

The Lymphatic System is a complex network of vessels, organs and nodes whose function is primarily that of defense, keeping the immune system strong and filtering potential toxic waste. When stagnation occurs within the system, sluggish flow interfres with the ability of the lymph to carry toxins away from the cells, when the lymphatic system cannot clear fluids efficiently, swelling, weight gain, cellulite and illness can result

Energetic Lymph Therapy can be of benefit for you if you experience and of the following- Lack of energy, Fluid retention, Weight gain, Headaches, toxic build up, Circulation issues e.g cold feet and hands, Cellulite, Reduced immunity, Sinus congestion and Allergies.

After your treatment the benefits to your system can include- Improved energy levels, Lymphatic swelling decreases, feeling balanced, Energetically clear, Reduced headaches and sinus, enhanced wellbeing, less bloating.

Treatment protocol-  each session is for approximately 1 hour. The suggested protocol for best results is weekly for 4 weeks although a stand alone treatment can also be of benefit.

At times the therapy can be of benefit interspersed with traditional remedial massage for specific reasons for example swelling from injury, post operative fluid build up, over areas of cellulite before massage to make the massage more effective, pain management.


Joya Crystal Massage

Joya massage uses the joya handpiece fitted with a freely rotating crystal sphere, this takes your massage to a new level by combining traditional massage techniques with the natural healing energies of the earths precious gemstones.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is effective at reducing stress and tension in the body, it can assist with many ailments including headache, anxiety, stress,muscle tension, sporting injury, arthritis, and muscle spasm.

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Massage is a complex modality with the capacity to address a multitude of issues concurrently, including soft tissue, muscular, circulatory and emotional.

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